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Our patented antimicrobial grips make daily life no-sweat.

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In recognition of the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black communities, we will be donating 15% of our profits for the duration of 2020 to the BET + United Way COVID-19 Relief Fund. Read our full response here.

Founder of The Hand Center of Louisiana
Endorsed by leading surgeon Eric George

KleenWraps' antimicrobial technology is commonly found in supplies used for surgical trauma. Sweat and bacteria on subway poles, grocery store carts, gym equipment, bike handles, and walkers don't stand a chance.

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Better than gloves

We’re tired of trying to text while wearing gloves on the go.

We’re tired of accidentally touching our faces with gloves.

Why move germs from surface to surface instead of covering the surface itself?

Yellow, but green
Our eco-friendly products come in a washable mesh carry bag for easy reuse. Throw them in the wash when you’re done—it’s that simple.