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Which would you rather touch?

KleenWraps offers protection from germs on surfaces. It's your perfect companion.


We use reusable and waste-free materials. Cold wash and air dry.


Reduces odors, inhibits germ growth, and provides protection.


Grippy silicone traction dots give your hands security from slipping.


Wide velcro straps enable infinite adjustment and fit on handlebars.

Protection throughout your day.

See how you can use KleenWraps to distance yourself from bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms found on shared surfaces in your daily routine.

See KleenWraps in use

What makes KleenWraps so great?

They protect you from germs.

KleenWraps are made with antimicrobial treated materials that reduce odors, inhibit germ growth, and provide a safe barrier from bacteria and viruses left behind on surfaces.

They're sustainable.

KleenWraps are a reusable, waste-free alternative to disposable gloves, wipes and cleaners. Just machine wash on cold in the included mesh bag (or hand wash if you’d prefer) and air dry before use.

They're completely adjustable.

KleenWraps close with wide Velcro straps positioned to provide an adjustable, secure fit on virtually any size handle. 

They're secure.

KleenWraps have grippy traction dots all over, ensuring that even your sweatiest workouts will be slip-free. 

As Seen On

KleenWraps' antimicrobial technology is commonly found in supplies used for surgical trauma. Sweat and bacteria on subway poles, grocery store carts, gym equipment, and gas pumps don't stand a chance.

Endorsed by leading surgeon Eric George
Founder of the Hand Center of Louisiana