KleenWraps is excited to announce its first pilot program to provide in-need and at-risk organizations with much needed PPE. Our first partnership is with the Ali Forney Center (AFC), the nation’s largest LGBTQ homeless youth shelter and services organization based in New York City. 

AFC, founded in 2002, is named in memory of a gender-nonconforming teen, Ali Forney (they/their/them), who fled their home at the age of 13. Without a supportive family to turn to, Ali was placed into the foster care system where they were beaten and abused, left homeless, Ali was murdered in 1997—one of several victims in a series of LGBTQ-bias crimes in upper Manhattan in the late 1990s.  AFC founder, Carl Siciliano, named the organization in Ali’s honor, having met and worked with the teen at Manhattan shelter.

AFC’s focus is to provide safe and loving care to the LGBTQ teens and young adults it serves, ranging from ages 16 to 25. In addition to providing medical checkups, serving more than 2,000 meals a year, group therapy and case management at its 24-hour Harlem drop in shelter, AFC has a network of 16 residences in Manhattan and Brooklyn with approximately 58 beds for LGBTQ identifying youth.

As part of our pilot program with AFC, KleenWraps will donate 80 of its Wide Wraps for youth in AFC’s transitional residences program. Residents will be able to use the KleenWraps as tools to help protect themselves and their community as they get around New York to carry out day-to-day activities of employment and education. Thanks to the facilities and level of care at AFC, residents will be able to launder and reuse their KleenWraps, cutting down on the environmental impact of single-use PPE.

KleenWraps will continue to identify in-need and at-risk organizations to provide the necessary PPE to prevent pathogen spread.

For more information on AFC, please visit, www.aliforneycenter.org