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Form-Fitting, Breathable, Quick Dry Mask

1 high-performance, athletic mask and 1 PM2.5 filter


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The only mask you'll love to wear because you'll forget you're wearing it!

The KleenWraps mask allows for breathability and ultimate droplet protection. That’s because it’s made with antimicrobial properties and an ultra-thin, quick drying neoprene with two-way stretch knit. 

Enjoy a guaranteed snug fit over both the chin and nose whether you’re running a marathon or weekly errands. Unlike most masks which need constant adjustment, the central panel of our mask is oriented vertically and will stay put. 

Even if you already own a mask you wear everyday, you will not know what a comfortable and versatile mask feels like until you try ours! 

Our masks are resistant to wear and tear and continue to fight germs and odor after multiple washes.

Size guide above. If you think you’ve got a smaller face, you probably do.

What's Included:

One high-performance, athletic mask.
FREE GIFT: One PM2.5 filter.

Signature Yellow

Comfort Guarantee.

Our #1 priority at KleenWraps is your peace of mind. We stand behind our masks 100%. If your mask isn’t comfortable or doesn’t stay on your face, we will refund it. No questions asked.


We use reusable and waste-free materials. Cold wash and air dry.


Reduces odors, inhibits germ growth, and provides protection.


Form-fitting with adjustable plush elastic bands for comfort.


Triple-layer filtering system.


Reinforced internal, fitted nose bridge to reduce glass fog and customize fit.

Adjustable, over-the-ear plush elastics to eliminate irritation.

Perforated outer layer to encourage filtered airflow. 

Vertical, interior lined pouch to accommodate standard PM2.5 filters.

Care Instructions

Washing: Remove filter and hand or machine wash your KleenWraps mask on cold.

Drying: Air dry. KleenWraps masks are made with water-resistant neoprene and dry more quickly than standard fabric.

Protection throughout your day.

See how you can use KleenWraps to distance yourself from bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms on found on shared surfaces in your daily routine.

See KleenWraps in use

KleenWrap has been featured on Vogue, Well Good, People Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Love them

I use them for running on the treadmill at the gym and they work great

Worth my money!

Ok so i was on serious hunt for a mask to train in. I do Karate and the struggle is real trying to breathe in a mask. The KleenWraps mask gets 5 stars on quick drying, form fitting, and its breathable. The mask does not slide down my face even though I'm drenched in sweat. And then it dries off quickly. The mask does not crowd the mouth and nose area so i am able to take a deep breath. I also really like that it has a changeable filter. Another good point is that the mask covers less of the cheek area so you don't get hot to quick.

It is Just as Advertised !

I’ve finally found my mask that doesn’t fog my shades and that I can breathe thru while at the gym on a treadmill or doing any cardio! The other mask I had just didn’t cut it; but scrolling on Instagram brought me to this mask & Im glad I read the reviews prior & decided to give it a shot. 5/5 star from me.

Best fitting & most breathable mask by far

Wearing this mask at the gym is a lifesaver. It doesn’t slip, it’s easy to breathe in, and quick drying.

Great workout mask

Purchased a 2-pack for my 15-year old son to use for his daily gym workouts. He had been using the Under Armour Sportsmask for several months and really liked it, but wanted to try something different. Saw the KleenWraps masks show up in my Facebook newsfeed and thought I'd check them out. He loves them. Says they're the best so far. Very comfortable, stays in place and doesn't get too hot, dries very quickly. Also extremely easy to care for (i.e. hand wash or gentle cycle in a garment bag).

KleenWraps' antimicrobial technology is commonly found in supplies used for surgical trauma. Sweat and bacteria on subway poles, grocery store carts, gym equipment, bike handles, and walkers don't stand a chance.

Endorsed by leading surgeon Eric George
Founder of the Hand Center of Louisiana