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Black Lives Matter

The senseless murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others have shed light on the inequities intrinsic to our criminal justice system. These problems are not new. The racial disparities of COVID-19’s impact and police violence are symptoms of the same illness: systemic racism, which has decreased Black people’s access to wealth, education, and health resources. We at KleenWraps stand with the protestors and will be donating to provide direct relief to Black communities. 

At KleenWraps, our mission has been—and will always be—to create technology that empowers people to live without fear of exposure to harmful microorganisms. We believe that these resources should be available to all: health and safety should not depend on your race or zip-code. 

In recognition of the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black communities, KleenWraps will be donating 15% of our profits for the duration of 2020 to the BET + United Way COVID-19 Relief Fund, an organization committed to supporting and amplifying relief efforts in Black communities that have been severely impacted by the pandemic. This small step will be the first among many we take as a company to do our part. 

At the beginning of the pandemic many wished for a return to normalcy. That wish has been replaced by a demand to create a new normal—one that works to dismantle structural racism. Quarantine and social distancing have taught us that we are capable of drastically adapting our lives to protect our public health. Now we must continue to adapt and evolve as a country to protect our Black communities.

—    Elizabeth Silver and Russell Silver-Fagan