Frequently Asked Questions

What are KleenWraps? How do I use them?

KleenWraps are patented, waterproof grips that wrap around or slide onto surfaces to create an antimicrobial barrier against germs.

What are KleenWraps made of?

KleenWraps are made from neoprene, velcro backing, silicon dots, and an antimicrobial agent.

What is an antimicrobial agent? How does that work?

All of KleenWraps products feature iHeir-333, an antimicrobial agent produced by iHeir. The agent is ionized to the neoprene and breaks down the cellular structure of pathogens it comes into contact with—reducing their strength and rate of transmission.

How do I clean KleenWraps?

You can machine wash your KleenWraps on cold in the included mesh bag (or hand wash if you’d prefer) and air dry before use.

How much is shipping / where do you ship / how long does shipping take?

We offer a $5 flat shipping rate within the US. Shipping takes 2-3 days from time of purchase for domestic orders. For international shipments, fees may vary and customers should allow for 2 weeks of transit. Purchasers will be provided a tracking number upon shipment.

Can I find KleenWraps in stores?

KleenWraps is currently online-only, but will be available at select gyms and retail stores in the future.

How can I get in contact with you?

You can reach out to at any time with questions about our products.