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KleenWraps in a Day

See how our customers use KleenWraps throughout their day to stay protected from germs.

8:00 am

Make working out no sweat.

With KleenWraps, cover all types of fitness grips. No need to worry about who touched what equipment before you.

9:00 am

Commute with more peace of mind.

With KleenWraps, cover up poles on subway cars during your ride to work. Or if you use a bikeshare, wrap it on those handlebars too.

9:55 am

Let us hold the door for you.

KleenWraps are the perfect tool for helping you get back to work safely.

12:30 pm

Have a picnic outdoors.

Sitting outside for lunch? Use KleenWraps to protect your personal belongings so that you can use them without worrying about the germs.

5:30 pm

Pick something up, without picking something up.

KleenWraps are the ultimate accessory for your next grocery store trip. Cover cart and basket handles with ease.

7:00 pm

Do the laundry.

KleenWraps are washable and reusable. Just throw them in the wash with their carry case.