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Get to know your mask.

Here are some details that will help you best use your KleenWraps mask.

Wait, why are there holes in the mask?

It’s okay! We put them there on purpose. Our perforated outer-layer is just one of THREE safety elements of filtration between your respiratory system and the outside world. Behind the outer-layer is a PM2.5 filter, followed by a droplet barrier lining that holds the filter in place and provides extra protection. The precision die cut perforations are intentionally designed to allow for airflow to eliminate fog and the feeling of suffocation.

What’s that smell?

All products are sanitized prior to distribution. There may be a lingering scent when you receive your mask, just like that “new car smell.” This odor is non-toxic and will dissipate quickly when out of the bag. Can’t wait? Throw your mask in the wash.

My mask doesn’t fit right!

Our masks come in two sizes, but are infinitely adjustable. If your mask doesn’t feel right, try modifying the features below for a customized fit.

Adjust the nose bridge.
The nose bridge of your mask has an internal rubber-coated device to secure a tighter grip around your nose. Simply press down on both sides of the lining at the top of your mask.
Adjust the ear straps.
Your mask can be loosened or tightened by pulling on the top or bottom strings while holding the round rubber slider.
Move the ear strap rubber slider.
Bothered by the rubber slider resting behind your ear? Try sliding it down to your earlobe.

How often should I wash my mask?

Doctors recommend regular washing to ensure cleanliness and avoid cross-contamination. To wash your KleenWraps mask, simply remove the filter and wash the mask on cold. Masks can be washed in the machine or by hand.

Drying your mask is even easier. Hang it or lay it out to air dry. Our water-resistant neoprene dries more quickly than standard fabric.

I need more filters!

We know! PM2.5 filters can be found online at various outlets. We expect to sell replacement filters by the beginning of 2021. You may use any filter and cut it to size until ours are available. Your safety is our priority.

Does this mask 100% prevent COVID-19 transmission?

Our THREE layers of filtration (outer closed-cell neoprene, PM2.5 filter and interior droplet barrier lining) make COVID-19 transmission extremely unlikely. That being said, the PM2.5 filter will not capture 100% of COVID-19 particles all of the time, as the novel Coronavirus can be smaller than 2.5 micrometers.

Only N95 masks that are properly fitted by a health professional are 100% effective at blocking all COVID-19 particles. The CDC recommends simple cloth for the general public so that we can reserve that type of PPE for medical professionals who are knowingly interacting with the virus. KleenWraps’ mask provides more protection than simple cloth.

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