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  • Consumers
  • Fitness
  • Senior Living
  • Perfect for grocery carts, baskets, door handles and transit grips.

    Perfect for free-weights, barbells, pulleys, ellipticals and stationary bikes.

    Perfect for grab-bars, physical therapy, wheelchairs and walking aids.


    We use reusable and waste-free materials. Cold wash and air dry.


    Reduces odors, inhibits germ growth, and provides protection.


    Grippy silicone traction dots give your hands security from slipping.


    Wide velcro straps enable infinite adjustment and fit on our handlebars.

    KleenWraps products can be customized to your business branding needs.

    How to Use KleenWraps

    Step 1: Identify surface.

    Step 2: Wrap around surface.

    Step 3: Secure with velcro.

    Step 4: Life your life.

    More Information

    Minimum Order Quantity

    100 pairs of each desired style and 100 mesh bags. For customized products, MOQ will vary. 


    KleenWraps products are protected by one utility patent and two design patents. KleenWraps' patent numbers are: US9,901,771; D812,700; D813,323


    3MM neoprene treated with iHeir-333 antimicrobial; 1MM silicone anti-slip dots; woven velcro; plyester mesh, string and plastic closure.


    Depending on location, orders can be fulfilled in under a week. If branded, please allow for additional time for production.